Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Letter to a friend

There is something that connects us, That I can't describe
something that lasts, though the distance between us is wide
I don't know what you do now, or how you spend your days
the only memories I have are jumbled in a haze

This thing that connects us, will let us meet again
in the meantime I wait, happy to call you friend
when my day is ending yours has just began
its crazy what can happen when you let go of your plan

A year ago I didn't know you exist
instead of faces and names I saw only an empty pit
the chance to come and meet was what I long dreamed
time spent with you was more valuable then it seemed

so long I had to spend, being pushed to go on
but what i wouldn't give to get back whats gone
each laugh, each cry, each and every night
was a blessing, a miracle,, a shinning light

A place I didn't believe as I planned to start
would be able to capture a piece of my heart
and yet here I am with one piece gone
it was left in that shack, in that kid, in that song

Africa, I don't know when I'll return
but my love for you will continue to burn
Africa, I'll come back to your land
but its all in his timing, its all in his plan