Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Experience

I've looked into the eyes of the oppressed
saw the desperation and fear of the distressed
I saw churches of believers torn to the ground
heard mother's stories of babies born without a sound
gave an ear  to a woman previously abused
knelt before a girl simply being used
a woman so sick she couldn't leave her bed
a little boy with a smile on his face, but bruises on his head
spoken with men where false teachings led them astray
confronted and asked what is worth living for day to day
I prayed over a girl with legs misshapen
families broken by miles of separation
children ripped screaming from mother's arms
an angel so hurt and alone, she turned to self harm
kids alone playing in the street
clothes torn, hair knotted no shoes on their feet

I've seen a woman dieing of AIDS
But I've also had a orphan tug my hair into braids
playing and sharing candy with tenacious and surprise
letting God use me to open people's eyes
while occasionally i was rejected
it wasn't me, but Christ reflected
In a place where many don't know Jesus
he blessed me to be the one, to help with the pieces
getting to talk with two girls my age
god gave me the words for the 1, 2, and 3rd stage
the world around us is in such pain
be encouraged what Christ calls us to isn't in vain
his people are hurt and broken
will you be his voice spoken?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A word from the past

On our first morning in Zambia, I woke up with words in my head.  As I went through breakfast, instead of going away even more came to me. So during quite time i wrote them down. What came out was a message for my fellow team mates.  While, i thought it was specifically written for C trip (those who went to South Africa and Zambia) I began to realize it was for the whole team, A, B, and C!  I shared it with James (our team leader) later that day and he told me i could share it on one of the last days in country. When that time came closer i read it to Dave (Project director) and he agreed it was something that should be shared. However, due to all the chaos of one last night across the world, the time never came for it to be read. Yet, i decided i still wanna share it with my team, and whoever elese may be out there reading this.
For those of you who were on the trip, you probably can remember i kept writing poems during my quiet times, words that God just laid on my heart. This is the first one, the one i felt needed to be shared with you the most, but never got to. I hope God will speak to you, and remind you of the things he told you while we were thousands of miles from home. He wants to use you were you are, just as much as in Zambia or South Africa. God is still POWERFULL, he is still our HEALER,  he still looks at you with LOVE, and he still has a PLAN for your life.

All you princesses and the prince,
Listen because you need to know this
We've had a time of learning and growth
Given men and women the everlasting hope
But now is the time to stand firm and proud
Don't listen to the world telling you your life is to loud

While we were changing the world across an ocean
we were able to push away homely thoughts and emotions
For now we are leaving behind this wide open land
abandoning the yellow grass, scattered rocks and sand
God called us here for such a time as this
to see the faces of the people the world doesnt know exists

As we begin to make the long journey home
be reminded there are people there just as alone
The work we did here was important and grand
But we live where we are to take a stand
Don't let this trip be a single chance
But opening a door, the first step of the dance

We are called to a single great commision
and we must choose daily to live out our mission
All around the world, people are broken
If we just follow his spirit, the right words can be spoken
At home the world can cause you to fall
stay deep in the word, committed to his call

If in christ we stay firmly rooted
There is no chance for the enemy to loot it
These words I'm saying are not my own
But christ in me, changing my tone
If you only hear one thing here today
Don't let the love of christ in you pass away