Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Experience

I've looked into the eyes of the oppressed
saw the desperation and fear of the distressed
I saw churches of believers torn to the ground
heard mother's stories of babies born without a sound
gave an ear  to a woman previously abused
knelt before a girl simply being used
a woman so sick she couldn't leave her bed
a little boy with a smile on his face, but bruises on his head
spoken with men where false teachings led them astray
confronted and asked what is worth living for day to day
I prayed over a girl with legs misshapen
families broken by miles of separation
children ripped screaming from mother's arms
an angel so hurt and alone, she turned to self harm
kids alone playing in the street
clothes torn, hair knotted no shoes on their feet

I've seen a woman dieing of AIDS
But I've also had a orphan tug my hair into braids
playing and sharing candy with tenacious and surprise
letting God use me to open people's eyes
while occasionally i was rejected
it wasn't me, but Christ reflected
In a place where many don't know Jesus
he blessed me to be the one, to help with the pieces
getting to talk with two girls my age
god gave me the words for the 1, 2, and 3rd stage
the world around us is in such pain
be encouraged what Christ calls us to isn't in vain
his people are hurt and broken
will you be his voice spoken?

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