Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Street Jabulani kids?

Journal from June 21, 2012.

     Today my ministry group was doing hut to hut in Diepsloot. We came to the end of one of the streets and were surrounded by so many kids we decided it would be a good idea to stop for awhile. We played games for awhile, something like our dodge ball using a plastic bag, and then there were no more ideas on what to do. So we gathered all the kids together for a story, a few more hopped in and we had at least 20 kids. Without any other stories, we told them about Jesus coming and dieing on the cross (which had actually been our Jabulani kids (JK) story). Then I asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus and a few did, so I got to pray with them, and talk about how we can talk to God whenever we want to.
     Then we did our JK songs right in the middle of the street! Brittany had the songs on her phone, but it was to quiet to work. So we were our own music, in our out of tune, out of breath (due to the jumping and rolling movements of the songs) voices. We literally had street Jabulani kids, with no props, no sound box, no sticky dots or candy, just us, a group of kids, and learning about Jesus. It was great, even thougth it was unplanned and unorganized, thats what made it so special.

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