Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Turning World

The reason for the name of this blog.

A turning world, not the world spinning around the sun or rotating on it's axis, but instead the sad truth of too many people turning away from poverty, disease, hunger, loneliness and pain. We like to imagine its to far away for us to care. But its not. The world is turning away from need on a global scale but also in our own communities and cities.
It is "Safer" to turn your eyes to the ground then to acknowledge the man with the sign on the corner. It's more reassuring to turn concerned thoughts towards blame of a woman selling her body in a hotel. It is easy to be confident that all the needs of abused, lost or homeless youth are taken care of by Child Protective Services. I'm not denying these facts. It is so much easier to pretend it all doesn't exist. But I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines while innocent people suffer, so to start I'm going to let my voice be heard. And I hope that you will listen.

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